Home Land Security 

former San Francisco military defense buildings along the Presido open exclusively for this series. installations by 18 artists ponder over the thought of security and home.

the comforts are literal, like the piece titled “weapon” featuring cloths knit over weapons, or “34,000 pillows” which counts the bed quota of detained immigrants by using body pillows made of donated clothing from undocumented immigrants

the absurdity of travel security comes to critique. one room uses playful, dancing colorful tape to paint a gesture of the mundane TSA security line. adjacent is a pile of TSA’s confiscated items shaped into a large zero on the ground.

one of my take aways is that the illusions of security comes with the price, often by the threats of war. we’re all cut from the same fabric of humanity, requiring food, clothes, shelter. we are migrants traveling at once, with belonging, story and identity to constantly redefine home


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